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Harry Potter 8 Hoax

September 7, 2013

J.K. Rowling not working on another Harry Potter book

By Gilbert Falso :: 4:39 PM

An apology to all the die-hard Harry Potter fans out there,  but that rumor going around Twitter and Facebook this afternoon about J.K. Rowling being close to finishing another book in the popular series is untrue.

The hoax started when someone Tweeted a link to a parody news story from April 1 of this year. Think hard, what day is the first of April? That’s right, April Fools – you’ve been had!

Despite the date on the article being clearly listed, not to mention the fact that the news is several months old, many across social media are falling for it. Thousands of manic Harry Potter fans are feeling like they won the lottery on Christmas day, only to feel the despair of letdown several minutes later when a Facebook friend chimes in and points out the fallacy of the article they just linked to.

Sorry, Potter-heads, the series still ends with Book 7.

  1. tvonthebrain permalink

    I’ll admit, it got me… I don’t usually check the date on the articles I read, unless it is specifically April 1st. Good one, interwebs, good one!

  2. Patrick permalink

    im still hesitant to say its a fake. I remember when she ended book 7 she DID say she may return to it at a later point in time. but for now she felt she was done. so who’s to say she wont come back to it? theres still so much she can do.
    and the april fools date isn’t truly a 100% thing to go by. plenty of news is let out on april 1st and that doesn’t make it all a hoax. the original post claiming the 8th book’s development I found was nearly 3 years old. posted on april 1st 3 years ago yet still being brought up by multiple well known resources (not random people on blogs) saying something similar just has me not convinced. I don’t think a news source like usa today or any other ie: fox or kron 4 would be foolish enough to not check their sources before posting a story and/or letting another party use their name to post something. its plagiarism if it is and punishable by law. and with a name as big as their’s i’m sure we would hear of something as big as that.
    im not saying its NOT a hoax, and im not saying it is, im just saying im not sold on the idea yet. besides it does take a long time to write a book especially the size of the previous two installments. if she IS writing a book I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out next year after the whole editing and publishing process is complete.
    only time will tell. i’ll remain hopefull but if it does all turn out to be untrue I wont be heart broken. I loved the series and im fine with how it “ended”. I still see so much more possibilities for it though. 🙂