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Facebook Stalker Hacks 170+ Email Accounts

January 16, 2011

By Gilbert Falso :: 12:33 AM

George Bronk

23-year-old George Bronk, from Sacramento County, California, obtained the email addresses of 172 women from their open Facebook profiles. He examined their walls for detailed information on the women’s activities, interests and backgrounds, and then used this information to pass the “lost password” security tests on their email accounts.

Once inside the women’s email accounts, Bronk looked for nude pictures sent from the accounts. He forwarded the pictures to   the victim’s entire contact list, and often contacted the victim directly and threatened to share the pictures further if she didn’t send him new ones. In addition to gaining access to email accounts, Bronk also used the “lost password” tests to gain access to several Facebook accounts.

Bronk was caught when one of his victims reported the intrusion to her local police department in Connecticut. Investigators followed the trail to California, and Bronk was arrested and charged with seven felonies, including computer intrusion, false impersonation and possessing child pornography.

He plead guilty to all charges, and will appear in court on March 10th where he could be sentenced to up to six years in state prison.

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