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Virtual Jimmy Buffett Style World Coming to Facebook

May 30, 2011

By John Rossi :: 7:08 AM

Calling all Parrotheads! Margaritaville Online, described as an “escape to a tropical paradise inspired by the lifestyle of singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett,” is coming to Facebook and iOS devices later this year.

Details are still spotty at this point, but the creators say that a Margaritaville state of mind is inherently social, and so Buffet fans will be able to connect and party in an immersive 3D paradise. In addition, the game will allow users to interact with characters from Buffett’s novels and songs, create their own island resorts, form bands and play games. They will also be able to listen to Buffett’s musical catalog.

The game is targeted toward Facebook’s Farmville audience, which currently numbers over 45 million, as well as fans of Buffett’s music.

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