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Live 2011 WWDC Keynote Coverage

June 6, 2011

WWDC Live CoverageBy Gilbert Falso :: 1:00 PM

Ed. Note – This article will be updated as news is announced from the 2011 Apple WWDC Keynote. The most recent news/announcements will be at the top of the article – scroll down to view the entire Keynote history. We will NOT be auto-refreshing the page for you, so you’ll need to do that on your own.

(All times below will be California, WWDC local time)

11:59 AM – Jobs winds things down – event is over. No new hardware announced.

11:58 AM – Third data center built to handle new demand from these services

11:57 AM – Comparing pricing to other services, namely Amazon and Google. For $24.99 of iTunes Match, it would cost $200 via Amazon’s service.

11:57 AM – Matched songs are upgraded to 256Kbps AAC, no DRM

11:56 AM – iTunes Match priced at $24.99/year

11:55 AM – On iTunes Match music, “We give that music the same benefits as music purchased in iTunes”

11:54 AM – iTunes Match: will scan your music files (non iTunes purchased) and match it up with songs in the store.

11:53 AM – iTunes in the Cloud will run on iOS 4.3 beta

11:51 AM – Will be set up by default on all iOS 5 devices

11:50 AM – iCloud is free, “stores your content and pushes it to all of your devices, and it’s integrated with all your apps”

11:46 AM – “Anything I’ve bought I can now download to any of my devices at no additional charge. This is the first time we’ve seen this in the music industry – no charge for multiple downloads to different devices”

11:45 AM – iTunes and the cloud

11:43 AM – Showing Lightning McQueen from Cars 2 as part of a demo

11:40 AM – Photos are stored in the cloud for 30 days, unless moved into an album

11:39 AM – Photos taken on any devices are pushed to the cloud and then to other devices automatically

11:38 AM – Cloud support for photos

11:37 AM – “I stick the phone in my pocket and I forget about it. When I get home, pick up the iPad and fire up Pages, and the document thumbnail has already been updated.”

11:35 AM – Keynote prompts you to look on iCloud first

11:33 AM – Keynote Demo

11:29 AM – Buy app once, it propagates everywhere

11:28 AM – Some aspects of iCloud now free

11:27 AM – MobileMe now ceases to exist

11:25 AM – Change something once, like a contact, it is changed everywhere

11:24 AM – MobileMe apps have been completely rewritten to support iCloud

11:23 AM – “iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. Automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it”

11:21 AM – Steve Jobs back on the stage to announce iCloud

11:20 AM – This new version will be available in the fall

11:18 AM – Ability to synch iTunes library over WiFi now

11:17 AM – Works over both WiFi and 3G

11:17 AM – Typing notification – see when your recipient is responding to you

11:16 AM – Cross device support lets you start conversation on one device and then switch to another

11:16 AM – Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Send text messages, photos, videos

11:15 AM – Next feature, iMessage – inclusion for iPad and iPod users now

11:14 AM – Ability to purchase and download games directly from Game Center, and has a social feel – able to see what friends are playing, view their high scores

11:12 AM – “Most popular gaming platform on the planet. More than 100,000 game and entertainment titles in the App Store”

11:12 AM – Next feature, Game Center

11:10 AM – Software updates will now be done OTA, and will only be the Delta – no big unnecessary downloads on a capped data plan

11:09 AM – New feature – no computer needed. Will not need to connect to a PC for setup

11:08 AM – Keyboard can be split in two, to make typing on iPad easier with your thumbs

11:08 AM – New feature – split keyboard

11:07 AM – Built-in dictionary available as a service across iOS. “All apps from the App Store can use”

11:06 AM – Rich-text formatting, indentation control, and draggable addresses from To: to Cc: or Bcc: fields

11:05 AM – Next update, Mail

11:04 AM – Pinch-to-zoom and tap on a part of the photo will optimize exposure settings to for that portion of the image

11:04 AM – Volume-up button can now be used to take pictures

11:03 AM – Camera button now on lock screen

11:03 AM – Next feature, Camera updates

11:02 AM – Reminders will synch cross-device and work with iCal

11:02 AM – Can set up a geofence to trigger a reminder.

11:00 AM – Create and store lists of things, assign a reminder to dates, and assign a location

10:59 AM – Next feature, Reminders

10:58 AM – Also seeing Twitter integration with Safari

10:57 AM – Tabs introduced to switch between Safari windows now

10:56 AM – Share pages marked on Reading list across devices

10:55 AM – Reading list – a way to read pages later

10:53 AM – Next new feature – Safari

10:51 AM – Twitter integration is now built into apps like Camera and Photos

10:51 AM – “We want to make it easier for all our customers to use Twitter on their iOS products”

10:51 AM – Next feature – Twitter

10:50 AM – Purchase publications, and they’re automatically downloaded and placed on Newsstand. It’s integrated with the home screen

10:49 AM – Many well-known magazine names on the screen

10:48 AM – Next new feature – Newsstand

10:47 AM – Notifications also available and accessible from the lock screen

10:46 AM – New Notification Center aggregates all notifications, and can be accessed by swiping down from the top, similar to an Android device

10:45 AM – New features in iOS 5 – first up, Notifications

10:43 AM – More iOS stats: 15 billion songs have been sold through the iTunes Music Store, top music retailer – iBookstore has sold 130 million book downloads – 90,000 apps specifically created for the iPad – Apple has paid out more than $2.5 billion to app developers

10:42 AM – More than 25 million iPads sold since original launch. “We have created a whole new category of device with the iPad.”

10:42 AM – iOS is top mobile operating system, with more than 44% of market share

10:41 AM – 200 million iOS devices sold to date.

10:40 AM – Moving on to iOS portion of presentation

10:39 AM – Can install Lion on all your authorized Macs for one price.

10:38 AM – Lion download is 4GB, and will cost only $29.99 – to be available sometime in July.

10:36 AM – No more CDs/DVDs, physical media. Lion is ONLY AVAILABLE via the APP STORE. Billing it as “easiest upgrade ever”

10:35 AM- More new things in Lion include, a Windows migration assistant, FileVault 2, FaceTime built in, Lion Server add-on

10:34 AM – Looks like some updated search features coming to Mail.

10:33 AM – Mail adds a conversation view option, like Gmail, showing all messages inline.

10:32 AM – The new Mail design offers multi-column view, mimics the iPad Mail app.

10:31 AM – Mail is all new for Lion

10:30 AM – Air Drop is a type of peer-to-peer file sharing application. View users who are also running, and drop the file onto them – will transfer instantly.

10:29 AM – New feature – Air Drop

10:27 AM – Demo of new Resume feature with Pages – shows that even highlighted text stays highlighted when you close and reopen the app.

10:25 AM – Auto save creates a type of versioning system – always have a complete document history

10:22 AM – New feature – Auto Save

10:21 AM – Everything in the app, all settings, are exactly as you left them when you last closed it.

10:20 AM – New feature, Resume. When you launch an application, it can bring you back to where you left off

10:18 AM – Mac App Store is the top way people buy PC software. Ahead of bricks-and-mortar staples like Best Buy, Walmart, and Office Depot

10:17 AM – Moving on to the Mac App store, it is the, “best place to purchase and discover new Mac desktop applications.”

10:14 AM – Some kind of face recognition and tracking now in Photo Booth

10:14 AM – Much demo of Mission Control – showing how things move with gestures, maximizing, previewing, etc.

10:11 AM – Mission Control shows all running apps and the documents you have open

10:11 AM – New feature – Mission Control

10:10 AM – Possible to swipe between apps, get back to the desktop

10:09 AM – Full screen apps, developers will be able to make their apps run in full-screen mode easier

10:09 AM – No more scrollbars – they are gone if you are using gestures

10:08 AM – Displaying gestures very similar to those used in iOS

10:08 AM – Multi-touch gesture support in hardware and OS

10:07 AM – 250 new features in OSX Lion, only time to go over 10 of them in Keynote.

10:07 AM – 75% of Mac sales are notebooks

10:06 AM – Year-over-year, PC use has shrunk 1%, and Mac use has grown 28%,

10:05 AM – “We now have over 54 million Mac users around the world.”

10:05 AM – Phil Schiller takes the stage to demo Mac OSX Lion.

10:02 AM – Event attendance noted at 5,200.

10:01 AM – Steve Jobs takes the stage – he is in his signature black turtleneck. What, you were expecting a hoodie?

9:58 AM – Attendees asked to turn off cellphones, PDAs, etc.

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