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iPhone 5 Photo Leaked

September 8, 2011

By Gilbert Falso :: 10:48 PM

iPhone5 PhotoA photo supposedly shot with a prototype iPhone 5 has been leaked, and according to mobile/tech news site, appears to be the real deal.

The picture, of an Apple engineer’s sushi meal, has metadata that claims it was taken by an iPhone 4, but the picture dimensions point to something more sophisticated. The original picture measured in at  3264 x 2448 a little under eight megapixels. And even more telling, the lens was recorded as a 4.3mm f/2.4, which is more like the lens on a point-and-shoot consumer camera than on the current iPhone 4’s lens, which comes in at 3.85mm f/2.8.

It is possible that the image’s metadata has been altered, but likely not, since the GPS coordinates of the photo put it at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, Calif. – Apple’s headquarters. So it appears as if we might be able to expect an 8MP camera with the quality equal to that of a point-and-shoot model to be standard on the iPhone 5 when it launches in the coming months.

The photo (not the original, that one is here) is below:

iPhone 5 Images

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