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iPhone 5 Cases Briefly Leaked on Web

September 19, 2011

By Gilbert Falso :: 12:18 AM

Cases for iPhone5Last week, iPhone case and technology accessory company Case-Mate briefly leaked renderings of a new line of cases for Apple’s iPhone 5, which has not yet been announced.

Case-Mate’s website had graphics that showed the iPhone 5,  which appeared to have a very similar design to the current iPad and iPod Touch models, boasting a rounded-corner aluminum backing.

The company noticed it’s mistake pretty quickly, and replaced the iPhone 5 case page with a form where users could sign up to receive notification on when they could purchase new cases for the next generation smartphone. Case-Mate does not appear to have issued any statement to the media regarding the mistake.

It is widely expected that Apple will officially announce the iPhone 5 later this month, with a company launch set for the middle of October. Along with the new model launch, Apple is also expected to debut a lower-cost version of the current iPhone 4 with minor design tweaks made to it.

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