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Stumbling Blocks Apple’s iPad 3 Could Face

September 20, 2011

By Cynthia Herbert :: 8:19 PM

Apple Vs. AndroidAlthough many are speculating that Apple could drop the iPad 3 this fall, analysts and most technology experts think that the newest Apple tablet offering won’t be here until early or mid- 2012. With several months to go before the new shiny gadget emerges, a lot can happen to throw Apple’s perceived market lead off track.

First, let’s consider the question – do we really need 3 iPad models in 3 years? Are they really all that different? Is the marketplace screaming for a new one every 12 months? It is possible Apple is close to a saturation point with the tablet market, and an iPad 3, especially at a higher price point than the last two, might not do as well.

Secondly, the competing Android operating system is getting more robust and stable with each release. We’re at a point now that Google’s OS is providing some serious competition for iOS 5. Android still has about 6 more months to catch up and knock everyone’s socks off before iPad3 arrives in the Apple Store.

Lastly, are consumers tiring of the small screen size? Tablets are showing up with 10+ inches of screen real estate, and they’re selling well. Apple is thought to be introducing a smaller iPad, in addition to it’s standard 9.7-inch model. Is smaller really the way to go? It is possible that sales of a 7-inch iPad 3 could be cannibalized by the new iPhone 5.