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Survey: Facebook Users Not Happy About Changes

September 24, 2011

By Gilbert Falso :: 8:34 PM

Majority of Facebook Users Hate New ChangesA survey of over 1,000 Facebook users shows that over 85 percent of the them strongly dislike the recent changes to the social networking site. The survey was  conducted by Sodahead, a social-voting-based site.

Teens ranked at the top of the scale on the disapproval side, with 91 percent of that demographic saying that Facebook should roll back the changes. 79 percent of young adults also said they disapproved of the new changes. Women were more upset over the changes than men. Nearly 90 percent of women disliked the new Facebook, while 78 percent of men disliked it.

Facebook’s recent changes include the Ticker and the Timeline displays, which replace Facebook’s long running News Feed and Profile pages. Facebook will roll the Timeline out to users over the next few weeks, drastically changing how and what personal information users will display to their friends.

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