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Rumors Set Retail iPhone 5 Launch for October 14th

September 26, 2011

By Cynthia Herbert :: 5:18 AM

iPhone 5 Retail Launch Planned For October 14As we get closer to October, rumors about the impending iPhone 5 launch are flying around Silicon Valley like crazy.

Reports are pointing to Apple planning for a media event on October 4th in Cupertino, California at the Town Hall Auditorium for the launch. This is a strange move, as the venue is much smaller than the one in San Francisco where iPhone 4 was launched.

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple has been quietly denying employees vacation leave during the second week of October, which suggest that this a possible window for the retail launch of the iPhone 5. Two sets of dates have been included in the no-vacation policy, October 9th – 12th which is when iOS 5 will likely launch, and October 14th – 15th which may represent the retail release of the next iPhone.