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Recent Altercation Not the First for Ocean Marketing’s Christoforo

December 28, 2011

By Cynthia Herbert :: 10:20 PM

Ocean Marketing ImplosionUnless you’ve still been in the bubble of a non-broadband connected relatives’ home for the past day or so, you’re certainly aware of the storm of negative publicity surrounding Ocean Marketing, a company representing the producers of the Avenger gaming controller accessory. If not, read this.

All caught up? Good.

So now it appears that the recent poor treatment of customer “Dave” is not the first time Ocean Marketing’s Paul Christoforo has stepped out of line. Blogger Nathan Stansell of Nate’s Network has copies of e-mails between himself and Christoforo from earlier this year that show the same arrogance and lack of proper customer service.

Here are some excerpts from the genius at Ocean Marketing – these are from June, 2011, after Stansell inquired about shipping dates on a similar controller. Seems like the topic of shipping dates really sends this Christoforo character off the deep end!

From Christoforo:
Buddy your asking for free stuff and I am trying to help you , You have no idea what happened to our ordering system or our old customer service reps that told you they were going to send you a 100% COUPON AND FREE CONTROLLER  but never did . So calm yourself down , be respectful and do as I say or ask to get your free controller. I DEAD SERIOUS ! Be a little more humble we can refuse the right to ship out anything to anyone we want , I’m trying to help you. Small claims court for 49 dollars haha … that’s cute . I’m the President of my company not The Avengers so keep  your punk smite  ignorant comments to yourself.

The full conversation, including many e-mails before and after the one above are available on Nate’s site.

As for Christoforo, he’s changed his Twitter handle to @OceanStratagy (his misspelling, not mine) and still seems to be trying to battle with his detractors, by saying witty things such as, “the more you say my name the bigger future paycheques get,” and making fratboy-esque “your mom” jokes. So grown up. Real professional.

His marketing work, at least in the connected world, is all but toast. So strange that he just seems to be enjoying the ride down to earth in the flaming fuselage of his career.

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