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Android App Checks SOPA Support Status of Products

January 8, 2012

By Cynthia Herbert :: 11:46 AM

Boycott SOPA appA newly released application for the Android mobile platform provides a quick way to check whether that product you’re about to buy is made by a company that supports SOPA, the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act.

The app, called Boycott SOPA, can scan bar codes to help identify if products are either created by or intimately related to SOPA supporting companies. There are currently over 800 brands/companies in the free app’s database.

According to the developers’ website, the app is written by “two college kids that are unimpressed with the current SOPA bill and want to discourage it from getting passed in any way possible.”

Although the app is free, the authors are asking for donations, to be used towards “webhosting, pizza, and beer.” It is available in the Android Marketplace.

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