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iPhone 5 to Come With New Headphones?

September 3, 2012

By Tyler C. Forbes :: 6:20 PM

New earbuds / headphones for next iPhoneWhen the new iPhone / iPhone5 / whatever they decide to call it comes out later this month, it is expected to look like a much different beast than its predecessors. We’re not just talking the form factor of the headset itself now, as new pictures leaked from Vietnam over the weekend appear to show changes coming for the next version of Apple earbuds as well.

Pictured above, these headphones allegedly come from a Phax Company factory in Vietnam, and will be shipped with the new iPhone when it goes on sale.

First reported on MacRumors, these new earbuds are just that, rumors – but given the timing of the leak, and the factory they supposedly came from, it is quite possible that these will be the earbuds packed in the new iPhone5 boxes.

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