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Prices for iPhone 5 Adapters, Cords and Connectors

September 12, 2012

By Gilbert Falso :: 6:33 PM

The dust has settled from the great iPhone 5 announcement from earlier today, and now, as Apple fans everywhere ready themselves to purchase the latest and greatest technology, thoughts turn to the new connectors and cables for the iPhone 5.

Gone is the old style 30-pin connector, that had powered iPhones and all iDevices, in fact, since 2003. A 9-year run is a long time for a hardware connector cord like this, and Apple has certainly simplified things by moving to the smaller, more streamlined “Lightning” connector, with the added bonus that it can be plugged in either way!

But what to do about all the old-style cords you’ve got laying around, and the docks and other things you connect your iPhone to? Never fear, Apple has a solution for your problem, but beware, it’s a pricey one.

An adapter to connect your old iPhone to the new lightning cable will set you back $29 in the Apple Store – add $10 to that price if you want the adapter with an 8-inch cable attached to it. Lightning plug cables themselves are still priced at the same point as the old style cables, $19.

Below is the standalone adapter, the $29 model: