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Google’s Gmail Experiences Outage

December 10, 2012

By Cynthia Herbert :: 12:07 PM

Google’s Gmail online mail service crashed late this morning for nearly all users. The cloud-based service first started showing outages around 11:25 AM eastern time, and users immediately took to Twitter to share the news, with the word “gmail” rocketing to the top of the trending topic list.

Many users are reporting that the web version is totally down, but other access methods, such as POP and IMAP continue to work.

In addition to Gmail crashes, many users are now reporting issues with Google’s Chrome browser, as well. Most of those issues apply when the user is logged into their Google Apps account on Chrome. The browser crashes, and must be restarted. Users who are running Chrome but who are not logged into their Google accounts do not seem to be experiencing the same problems.

This story is evolving, and we will post updates as available.