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iPhone App for Furby

December 26, 2012

By Katherine McClosky :: 12:32 AM

Furby iPhoneDid your little one get a Furby for Christmas this year? Hasbro’s furry little electronic robot creature was a popular fixture under the tree, and for good reason, as the updated critter (Furby originated in 1998) is all ready for the digital age.

With LCD screens for eyes, and a more wide range of expressions and motions, this isn’t the Furby you had as a kid. New with this rendition is the smartphone app available to interact with the fuzzy creature.

The apps, available for iPhone and Android, allow you to interact better with Furby – as they provide a real-time translation between Furby’s language (Furbish) and English. There’s also a Furbish-to-English dictionary, and a feature that allows you to “feed” Furby some virtual food.

Furby hit the shelves in the U.S. in September, and retail prices start at $54.00.

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