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iPad Share of Web Traffic Drops 7%

January 3, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 2:03 PM

Android TabletsIf there was a tablet under your Christmas tree, or unwrapped as part of your eight nights of celebration this holiday season, there is a good chance that your tablet had the Android operating system installed.

Chitika, a web advertising and analytics firm, announced yesterday that immediately following the Christmas holiday, the portion of web traffic usually attributed to Apple’s iPad dipped 7.14 percent. Throughout December, the iPad tablets had accounted for 86 percent of tablet-driven Internet traffic. This number dropped to 78.9 percent after the holidays as tablet gift recipients began to play with their new toys.

Among the winners this season was Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the tablet that seemed to benefit the most with a traffic share increase of just over 3 percent. Samsung’s Galaxy tablet accounted for an additional 1.38 percent of web browsing, and Google’s Nexus offerings were up about 1 percent.

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