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Watermark App for iPhone photos

January 3, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 1:32 PM

Marksta Watermark app for iPhonePhotojournalist John D. McHugh has created a watermarking application for the iPhone that he hope will help stem image and copyright theft on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He developed the app, called Marksta, because he was tired of people lifting his work from the web and posting it without attribution.

London, U.K.-based McHugh is well known for his work in Afghanistan, and has been frustrated to find his work across many social networks with no byline or credit given.

Because the app needed to be easy to use in the field, he wanted something that could be done on a mobile phone, and did not require a computer. “Obviously, I can put a watermark in Photoshop on my laptop, but that means I have to have my laptop, I have to be able to download my pictures to my laptop, and I also need a fairly expensive program and a certain amount of knowledge to do that – my wife can’t do that, and a lot of my friends can’t do that,” he told the British Journal of Photography.

In addition to watermarking images, the Marksta app also lets photographers add any text with a choice of fonts, and add borders to pictures without affecting the aspect ratio of the image.

McHugh has made the app available from Apple’s app store for free download for several days. After that, the price will be set at $2.49.

Download the app.

Screenshot of Marksta App