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Pebble CES Announcement

January 5, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 12:48 PM

Pebble Watch CES KickstarterPebble, the hugely successful Kickstarter project that funded a new type of smart watch has planed an announcement at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

An invitation was sent to Pebble’s Kickstarter backers and directs them to watch a livestream of the event on Pebble’s website at Noon eastern time on Wednesday, January 9th.

At this point, no specific details seem to be out about what will be said at the announcement. Backers are only told it will be “big news.”

The invitation brings hopes for a product launch — something that’s is long overdue for Pebble as its watches were originally slated to ship in September of last year.

The company has faced challenges in producing enough watches to cover the 85,000 pre-orders that it received from its Kickstarter funding campaign. It had originally only planned an initial run of around 1,000 watches.

Pebble has been mum in recent months on any kind of shipment timetable, only suggesting that it has an aggressive production schedule.

If Pebble wants to come out with a bang, CES is certainly the place to do it. All eyes in the tech and crowdfunding world will be on Pebble on Wednesday.