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Walmart Unlimited iPhone 5 Plan Has Data Cap

January 17, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 9:31 PM

Straight Talk Data Plan CapWalmart has marketed its Straight Talk plan for the iPhone 5 (and other smartphone handsets) as having unlimited data for $45 per month. However, many customers are beginning to find that the plan is not really unlimited, and the blazing fast iPhone 5 download speeds bumps them up against a cap that the plan has put in place of 2GB per month.

Users have been complaining for nearly a year that they have been misled by Walmart’s marketing strategies into thinking that Straight Talk accounts were truly set up with unlimited data. Once most users reach a data download point of 2GB per billing cycle, their data transfer rates slow to a crawl. In come cases, data plans have ceased working entirely.

Although a limit of 2GB per month is a standard practice with the regular carriers like AT&T And Verizon, many Straight Talk users expected things to work differently under that plan. Still, the low $45 price means that the service is still a fairly good deal when compared to traditional cellphone plans.

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