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Amazon App May Mean Cheaper Music from Apple

January 19, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 1:48 PM

Amazon competes with Apple iTunesThe availability of Amazon’s new Cloud Player app for iPhones and iPads now means that Apple device users have more options than just iTunes for buying, downloading, and managing their music.

Though iPhone users have been able to download and play music stored in their Amazon accounts since the fall, they could not originate a purchase for that music from their iPhone. The new Cloud Player app allows users to buy music directly from iPhones and play that music from any device, Apple or Android device.

Due to this second source of music purchasing, it is likely that Apple will price-match on the top album and single sellers, say many industry analysts. In terms of size of the music collection, Apple has the upper hand with a larger collection. There are 22 million songs available in Amazon’s U.S. MP3 store, and 26 million available through Apple’s iTunes.

While Apple users may be able to take advantage of Amazon offerings, it does not seem that the reverse will be true anytime soon. Apple has no plans to make iTunes available on Android devices.

Another recent turn of events in Apple’s favor is the fact that music magazine Rolling Stone is finally available in an e-edition through Apple’s Newsstand. And special hooks between the magazine and iTunes make it possible for readers to be linked directly to the songs and artists they are reading about, so they can stream, and buy, music without leaving their device.