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VIVOplay Combines GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular Technology

January 19, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 12:12 AM

GPS tracking watch for childrenDebuting earlier this month in the Eureka Park section of CES, the new VIVOplay watch from Evado Filip brings together three technologies, GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular, to provide state-of-the-art location and tracking services in a watch for children.

In 2009, Evado Filip’s Founder and CEO Sten Kirkbak became separated from his young child in a shopping mall. Although he was quickly reunited with this child, Kirkbak had initially panicked, and realized that there had to be a better way for children to reach their parents quickly in times of emergency. After doing research, Kirkbak concluded that no single device was on the market that blended communication, location, ease of use and good design. He sought to change this with the new VIVOplay watch.

With the watch, children can reach their parents when they need to, and parents can call and locate their children via an app on their smartphone.

In addition to emergency and contact uses, the watch can also be used with geofencing technology to serve as a monitoring device. Parents can create different safe zones, and are alerted with a pop-up message on their phone if their child leaves the predetermned area.

Evado Filip has working prototypes, and demonstrated them at CES. The company will be conducting beta testing over the next few months, and plans to take pre-orders and ship the first products in early summer.