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Apple May be Producing Larger iPhone – called iPhone “Math”

January 22, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 8:39 AM

Larger iPhone PlannedAh, Apple. How the fans and press love to speculate, sling rumors, and take their wildest guesses at what the Cupertino giant may be up to next. We’re no exception, and the latest news out there is that the company is looking to create a larger-screened device, at 4.8 inches, and it’s called – not making this up – the iPhone Math.

Two Taiwan-based publications, including The Commercial Times, pegged a release date for the larger handset as soon as this June, a little surprising as it puts the new device ahead of, and out of synch with, the yearly iPhone refresh cycle. Typically, Apple unveils a new iPhone in the fall, at least that was the case with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

As far as the name goes, iPhone Math is a strange one. Its likely a code name, and could refer to the larger screen size on the new device. Some analysts are thinking that the name is a translation error. Apple, of course, is not saying anything about these rumors.

The Cupertino company will need to do something big this year, if reports about slowing demand for iPads and the current iPhone 5 are true. Apple will release its earnings report tomorrow, and analysis compiled by Bloomberg points to fiscal first- quarter net income dropping about 2% to $12.8 billion ($13.48 a share). For Apple, this is not business as usual. Since 2003, in all except one quarter, Apple’s profit has jumped more than 10%.