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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Debuts

January 23, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 6:31 PM

BlackBerry 10 Enterprise LaunchResearch in Motion (RIM) announced earlier today that it will be launching BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 today for all users. The service was originally developed with BlackBerry 10 handsets in mind, but it will work with all current BlackBerry phones and tablets in the marketplace.

BlackBerry Enterprise Services 10 is a new iteration of of RIM’s mobile management suite designed for business use, and features tools like BlackBerry Balance to help customers keep their separate work and personal accounts on the same device for emails, apps, and contacts.

In addition, the suite includes BlackBerry World for Work, a corporate dashboard for businesses that will enable them to manage apps on phones issued to their employees. For example, an IT department could set the dashboard to automatically upgrade or install required apps onto certain employee handsets.

The most interesting new feature with this tool, however, is the fact that it can go cross-platform and will allow the management of both iOS and Android devices. This will be useful as formerly BlackBerry-only shops open up and support users who are bringing their own devices to the workplace.

RIM is pulling out all the stops to increase adoption of the new platform, and making it available for download today with a 60-day free trial. The free trial is only applicable for new customers, however. Existing enterprise subscribers will be given a free license upgrade, which users can sign up for through the end of the year.

The company is still on track for the unveiling of BlackBerry 10 hardware at the end of the month on January 30th.

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