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Web Stream of Super Bowl

February 3, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 6:23 PM

Watch Super Bowl on WebIf you’re unlucky enough not to have access to cable or over-the-air reception for your TV viewing tonight, rest easy – CBS has got your back this year – the network is offering live web streaming of the Super Bowl, and plans to do it big.

The network has brought its big guns to the show this year, with some features that won’t leave users wishing they hadn’t cut the cord with their cable company.

CBS has 22 camera angles available on the live stream, giving football fanatics the ability to see over the entire field of play, as well as a roving camera operator that will go to certain parts of the field based on online user requests, in real time. In addition to the huge complement of camera angles, CBS’ web player has a DVR-type function that allows users to rewatch parts of the game.

If you usually turn on the game for commercials, however, you might be disappointed. While the live stream will show commercials, they won’t be the same ones as on TV – at least not all of them. CBS sold the streaming ads separately from broadcast ad slots, at much higher prices than traditional web video ads.

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