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Dodge Paul Harvey Ad Had YouTube Inspiration

February 4, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 12:14 AM

God Made a Farmer CommercialIf you watched the Super Bowl tonight, you might have caught Dodge’s spot for their Ram trucks. It featured late radio personality Paul Harvey, and his monologue on what it means to be a farmer. It was an emotional ad, with some well positioned visuals to match Harvey’s iconic voice – but it wasn’t Dodge’s original idea.

Harvey’s talk was called “So God Made a Farmer,” and he originally delivered it at  the Future Farmers of America convention in 1978. But that’s not the issue – the idea of pairing up Harvey’s talk with farm and farmer images actually happened in 2011, when, a website and portal for the livestock and agricultural community created a very similar video, complete with Paul Harvey voice-over, but with imagery that was much less polished.

The website discussion board has linked to Dodge’s version, with some positive commentary, so it doesn’t appear to be a sore point for the agriculture website – but it still shows that whoever produced Dodge’s spot most likely stole it from this low-budget original endeavor.

Below, watch the original version of “So God Made a Farmer.” Learn more about Paul Harvey