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Google Helps Canada Bid Farewell to the Penny with a Doodle

February 4, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 7:26 PM

Canada and Google say goodbye to the penny coinCanada is saying goodbye to their penny. The Royal Canadian Mint officially stopped distributing the one cent coins to banks today.

The move is a financial one, the mint was spending 1.6 cents for every penny it made up until production ceased last May. No longer minting  the coin is expected to save the country some $11 million per year.

The doodle on Google’s Canadian homepage today paid homage to the one cent coin, displaying the copper penny rotating round and round with a caption that read, “Last Day of the Canadian Penny.”

Some Canadians have taken to social media to encourage citizens to make a charitable donation of their leftover pennies. Steve St. Pierre has started a Twitter account (@CDN_penny), that advocates for people to take their pennies into for charities. He uses the hashtag #showyourroll, to encourage followers to share their donations and spread the word for charities in need.

[Image above – Google’s Canadian penny homepage doodle]

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