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Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Not Be at Mobile World Congress

February 4, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 9:07 AM

Samsung Delays Smartphone LaunchFor those Samsung fans hoping that this month’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) would bring them the next handset in Samsung’s flagship lineup, they’ll just have to keep waiting. The Korean electronics company has decided not to do any type of announcement around the Galaxy S4 at MWC, and will opt instead to hold its own launch event at a later date.

Like Apple and Microsoft, Samsung is looking to create a special niche and stand out on their own, and like those two tech giants, has seen a reduced presence, in terms of square footage, at some of the tradeshows lately. Opting to create their own event allows them to own and control the branding and access better than they would be able to piggybacking a new hardware announcement at a place like CES or MWC.

For example, last year, the company launched their Galaxy S3 at their own event in May, just before the CTIA Wireless conference began.

The company has nothing to worry about when it comes to press coverage when it schedules its own standalone event. The Galaxy lineup of smartphones has reached popularity and coverage levels of Apple’s iPhone, and journalists, analysts, and mobile pundits will turn out in drover where ever and whenever Samsung decides to take the curtain off of the S4.

MWC will kick off at the end of this month, but as we said, don’t expect to see a big splash from Samsung there.