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Twitter Acquires Social TV Analytics Firm Bluefin Labs

February 4, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 4:52Twitter Bluefin3 PM

Twitter this afternoon announced its acquisition of social television analytics company Bluefin Labs. No price has been set on the deal, although sources close to both companies are saying this is Twitter’s largest deal in the microblogging service’s history.

Bluefin Labs, founded in 2008, provides reports to brands about how often they are being discussed on social media channels. The value to Twitter in this deal is that Bluefin has a great deal of historical data behind how brands are doing socially, and Twitter can use this data to leverage its advertising sales strategies going forward.

Clients of Bluefin include roughly 40 U.S. television networks, as well as top national brands and advertising agencies. Their flagship product, Bluefin Signals, was developed in collaboration with the television advertising industry in conjunction with the research community.

Neither Bluefin or Twitter have made a public statement about the deal yet, so this story will be updated as it develops.