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Justin Bieber Misspells Saturday Night Live Producer’s Name on Instagram

February 9, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 11:04 PM

Justin Bieber makes a spelling mistake.Pop superstar Justin Bieber is not only the musical guest on tonight’s Saturday Night Live (SNL), he also the show’s host. Yesterday, in the run up to his performance, Bieber met with SNL producer and creator  Lorne Michaels, and posted a snapshot from the encounter on his Instagram feed.

So far, so good, right? Not so much, because Bieber misspelled Michaels’ first name as “Lauren” in his caption on the photo.

“Watch me on snl tomorrow night thank u Lauren ur the man,” reads the caption, which has received over 528,000 likes and nearly 13,000 comments on the photo sharing social network.

This typo is only one in a string of slip-ups by the young star lately. Within the span of just a few months, Bieber has also posted a picture of himself mooning the camera to Instagram, as well as dressed inappropriately when he met the Prime Minister of Canada.

Though the misspelling of such a television great might mean something serious in certain circles, it didn’t seem to phase the teen heartthrob’s multitude of fans, who posted comments like “OH GOD I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU” in response to his Instagram post.

Some in the entertainment industry are skeptical of how well tonight’s SNL performance will go over for Bieber. Entertainment Weekly wrote that Bieber’s “charm may not translate to the small screen,” and that he looked” vaguely uncomfortable in his SNL promos with Kenan Thompson, and certainly like he hadn’t quite gotten the knack of reading cue cards.”

Bieber will make his SNL appearance tonight at 11:30 on NBC.