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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 13, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 11:21 PM

Not too late to send flowers for Valentine's Day.If you’re reading this, then you either forgot that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, or you’re a champion procrastinator. Either way, you are extremely lucky that we live in the digital and technological age that we do, because if you act fast, there’s still hope to get a gift to your loved one in time.

If you’re considering a bouquet of flowers for your Valentine, ProFlowers has got you covered.├é┬áOrders that are placed on their website by 3:00 PM in the recipient’s time zone can generally be delivered that same day. They do assess a surcharge of $9.99 on top of their regular delivery fee for all Valentine’s Day orders delivered on the 14th, but their lenient arrangements of allowing you to order by 3:00 that afternoon more than makes up for the additional fee. They are currently running a special that will give you 15% off your purchase if you use the coupon code “WOW15”.

In a similar fashion, 1-800-Flowers will guarantee delivery of that├é┬ábouquet├é┬áto your sweetheart if you order by Noon in the recipient’s time zone. The key with 1-800-Flowers is to select only the floral arrangements that are indicated with “Same-Day Local Florist Delivery” – anything that has to be shipped won’t make it there on the 14th. Like ProFlowers, 1-800 Flowers also assesses an extra├é┬áservice├é┬ácharge of $5.00 for delivery on the 14th.

No time for flowers, or too expensive for your budget? Hallmark has electronic Valentine’s Day greeting cards that you can send, and even offers a couple of free heart-themed options. Hallmark’s e-cards work on a subscription-based service, and the fee is $12 per year, for all the e-cards you can send.

Looking for funny and free? Head over to├é┬áSomeecards for├é┬ásatirical, off-the-wall, and downright risque cards with clever sayings and messages like, “I adore you even more than the people of North Korea are forced to adore Kim Jong-un.” Disclaimer – avoid some of these if this is your first Valentine’s Day in a serious relationship. Go down to the florist, pick up some flowers, get a box of chocolates, and skip the e-cards in this case.