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Comedian Nabs Russian Meteor Twitter Account to Prevent Parody Use

February 16, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 12:59 AM

Russian meteor Twitter parody accounts a no-go.Parody Twitter accounts were all the rage just a few months ago. Remember all those Big Bird and Binders Full of Women accounts created after Mitt Romney’s gaffes in the Presidential Debate?

But, it seems that lately, Twitter users have soured on the idea of parody accounts for current or breaking news events. With the meteor crash and explosion in Russia yesterday, a quick-thinking comedian nabbed an easy-to-remember Twitter handle about the event to keep it from falling into the hands of someone using it for parody purposes.

Jake Fogelnest, a writer and comedian, registered the account @RussiaMeteor just to prevent it from turning into a parody of the event. On the account, he sent this Tweet: “Hello, this is @jakefogelnest. As a public service, I have registered this Twitter account to prevent another parody account.”

In spite of Fogelnest’s efforts to prevent a useless parody account, numerous other similarly named accounts have popped up in the day since the event.

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