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Google to Open Retail Stores

February 16, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 11:39 AM

Google will open series of retail storefronts.Just like Apple has its flagship storefronts, it looks like Google will now, too. Some sources have told major publications that the search giant is in the process of constructing a chain of stand-alone retail stores across the U.S. and should have its first location up and running in a major√ā¬†metropolitan√ā¬†area in time for the holiday season.

Google will use the stores to showcase its Nexus and Chrome line of products, and make it easier for customers to see, hold, and play with the devices. At this time, it is not particularly easy for potential customers to have a hands-on experience with Google hardware products before they buy them.√ā¬†Competitors√ā¬†Apple and Microsoft both have retail storefronts where customers can try things out and play with them before they buy.

Although the idea of a stand-alone retail store for Google is now, this is not Google’s first presence in the retail marketplace. Currently, Google has some√ā¬†Chrome areas within the retail chain Best Buy in the U.S. and PCWorld/Dixon√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs in the U.K. However, the√ā¬†individual√ā¬†retailer handles the end transaction in these cases, and not Google. In the store-within-a-store model, Google has trained employees to showcase their products and answer questions.

With Google Glass, Google’s wearable glasses display interface product, this could be a good outlet – as the devices are thought to be pricey when the hit the market (between $500 and $1000), many people will want to experiment to see the value before plunking down that much cash for a new product.

It is also thought that Google will use the storefronts to sell Google-themed√ā¬†merchandise√ā¬†like t-shirts and other assorted tchotkes√ā¬†with the Google name on them.