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Sony PlayStation 4 Will Stream Games Over the Internet

February 16, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 8:46 PM

Sony will stream PS 3 games to new PS 4.When Sony acquired Gaikai, a company that specializes in streaming video games last year, many in the industry began speculating what that would mean for the upcoming PlayStation 4. Now, media reports are confirming that it is very likely that Sony will use the service to stream games to the new PS 4, set to be unveiled next week.

The company won’t be streaming new games to the next generation console, however – those will still be purchased via optical disc. Instead, Sony will leverage Gaikai technology to stream existing PlayStation 3 games to the new hardware.

It’s been a busy week for the PS 4 rumor mill. A few days ago, a picture (see above) popped up online, and has since gained much credibility as being a legitimate picture of the upcoming controller for the PS4.  It appears to be a DualShock-type controller witha touchpad along the top, and a blue light on the back. The blue light looks very much like the kind on the back of the PlayStation Move motion controller.

All this rumoring and guessing will end next week, however, as Sony is set to debut the new console on February 20.