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Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

February 18, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 12:29 PM

Hackers take over Burger King's Twitter,Hackers apparently gained access to the Burger King Twitter account this morning, making changes to the account profile, and Tweeting as the U.S. burger chain.

As of just after noon, the account displays the name of rival McDonald’s as its username, and claims that the chain was just sold to McDonald’s because the “whopper flopped.”

Update: A Tweet posted to the account at 12:38 PM seems to indicate that this was the work of online hacking group Anonymous: “Everybody follow us! @YourAnonNews #OpMadCow” and alludes to an Anonymous operation called “Mad Cow.” Some online are speculating this may have something to do with issues of horse meat found in European beef.

Update: For the most part, the general sentiment around the Internet and social media is one of light-hearted jest about Burger King’s situation. It may not be all bad – the hacked account has gained about 28,000 followers in the hour since it has been hacked.

Update: As of 1:15 pm, Twitter has suspended the compromised Burger King account.

Update: Burger King will apparently address the situation and apologize on their Facebook page. No timetable has been given for when this will happen.

Neither Twitter nor Burger King seem to have issued an official statement yet – but we are waiting to be filled in on details. This story will be updated as we learn more.

Below is a screen shot of how the account appeared right after it was hacked:

Burger King Twitter Hacked