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Hootsuite Down This Morning

February 20, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 9:32 AM

Hoot Suite site down.Update: As of 11:45, HootSuite has reported that the problem has been addressed and the system is functioning normally again. Some users on Twitter are saying that they need to re-link their Twitter accounts for some search tools and streams to work within HootSuite.

HootSuite, the social media management system and website, appears to be down this morning for many across the web.

The service’s website is slow to respond, and its users are reporting that HootSuite mobile and desktop applications and dashboard are not refreshing data, or allowing them to post to their social media accounts.

Showing the global reach of HootSuite’s users, a Twitter search shows hundreds of recent Tweets about the service being down, many in languages other than English.

HootSuite has not yet offered a timetable for system restoration, but they acknowledged the issue when they made this post to their Facebook page around 9:20 this morning: “Hi all! We’re aware of an issue right now with the HootSuite Dashboard. We have escalated the issue and are investigating. Thanks for your patience as we look into this.”

At 9:40 am, HootSuite’s Twitter account dedicated to customer support and help posted the following Tweet: