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AT&T and IBM Want to Transform the App Experience

February 21, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 7:47 AM

ATT and IBM work together on mobile apps.IBM Corp. and AT&T Inc. today announced an expanded relationship that will provide software developers with a suite of powerful new tools to create and deploy the next generation of mobile apps. Customers will benefit from access to secure, high quality apps, including those featuring advanced speech recognition and mobile payment capabilities, which can transform how they handle day-to-day tasks.

AT&T has been expanding its network capabilities and increasing access to research from AT&T Labs across a range of mobile development platforms, including IBM’s Worklight platform. Part of the IBM MobileFirst Application and Data Platform, IBM Worklight is an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile app platform for mobile devices.

Now, AT&T’s API Platform, featuring IBM Worklight Adapters, will enable the members of AT&T’s Developer Program to quickly create and securely deploy enterprise apps that improve subscriber engagement and customer loyalty. With these adapters that support AT&T’s ecosystem of APIs including those for speech, SMS, device capabilities, notary management and payment, developers can quickly and securely create rich, business-ready apps across a variety of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.

“AT&T is committed to the success of our rapidly growing developer community. By expanding our platform’s reach and making our API toolkit available on an expanding number of platforms, including IBM Worklight, our developers have the information, tools and resources to continue to build great things and contribute to the mobile ecosystem in meaningful new ways,” explained Carlton Hill , VP of Developer Services at AT&T.

The AT&T APIs provide the mobile development community with easy-to-use paths to accelerate app development. The IBM developerWorks community will benefit from a single, easily accessible source of trusted mobile and telecommunications content via the AT&T Developer Program to streamline development processes. Additionally, members of AT&T’s developer community using the pre-built IBM Worklight Adapters can further reduce time to market, cost and complexity of development and enable a better user experience across a range of mobile devices.