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Patent Filing Proves Apple Wearable iWatch

February 22, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 7:04 AM

Apple patents iWatch.A newly revealed patent filing shows that Apple Corp. is researching design and power options for a wearable glass watch, which many have already taken to calling the iWatch.

The patent application explores the idea that kinetic energy from the wearer’s hand and wrist movements could be converted to a power source to recharge the watch’s battery. The filing also suggests that the watch’s screen could be situated in a type of holster that converts it from a straight piece of glass to a wristband shape as it is placed onto the wearer.

Apple filed the patent application in August, 2011 showing that the company has had this idea for quite some time, even though the rumor drumbeat has only intensified over the past several weeks.

The details of the device itself are vague, but do make reference to an array of sensors that will monitor the wearer’s exercise patterns and heart rate, payment functions, access to maps, voice control and bluetooth integration with other devices.

Just because the patent has been filed doesn’t necessarily mean the product will ever see the light of day, but it does at least lend credibility to the rumors flying through the industry right now.

Engadget is reporting that Apple has assembled a team of about 100 product developers for the project, and that Foxconn, the contractor that manufactures iPhones and iPads in China, is in talks with Apple about making the device.