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Big Bang Theory Actress Ensnared in Dish / CBS Spat

March 1, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 2:02 PM

CBS censors actress Tweet over Dish Hopper.The ongoing feud between Dish Network and CBS over Dish’s new commercial-skipping technology in its Hopper product has moved into high gear, following involvement from an actress with the hit show The Big Bang Theory.

Dish and CBS made the news in January following the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) when CBS subsidiary CNET was forced to pull Dish’s Hopper from its awards categories. CNET has planned to award the “Best of CES” title to Dish’s Hopper With Sling device when CBS stepped in and quashed the honor. Much controversy ensued with claims from journalists about CBS not being able to be unbiased during the editorial process. One CNET writer resigned after the fray.

Yesterday, actress Kaley Cuoco, who stars on the CBS television show The Big Bang Theory, Tweeted a sponsored Tweet to her followers that endorsed Dish’s Hopper device. Because CBS is embroiled in a lawsuit against Dish over the technology, CBS ordered Cuoco to remove her Tweet. She did comply with their order, but not before thousands of her followers clicked on the link, according to a representative from Dish.

In addition to CBS, other networks including ABC, NBC and FOX are also suing Dish over the Hopper service.

A screenshot of Cuoco’s Tweet is below.

Bing Bang Theory actress tweet.