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EU Slaps Microsoft with $730 Million Antitrust Fine

March 6, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 8:06 AM

Microsoft violates EU antitrust provisions.European Union antitrust regulators have slapped Microsoft with a fine to the tune of $730 million for failure to comply with antitrust provisions around Internet browsers preinstalled on personal computers sold in Europe.

Microsoft had agreed to install software that allowed users a choice of browsers when they configured a new machine, instead of leaving them with the default install of Microsoft’s Internet browser, Internet Explorer. This browser choice screen was the result of earlier antitrust rulings by the Union against the company in 2010.

Due to a glitch in Microsoft’s system, millions of PCs shipped in Europe without the browser selection screen turned on. Although the problem went undetected for nearly a year and a half, regulators have finally caught up and issued the fine. Earlier reports speculated that the Union could have levied a fine in the billions for this error, so at $730 million, it looks like Microsoft is getting off easy this time.

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