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Google Glass Will Work With Prescription Lenses Soon

March 12, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 9:17 PM

Google Glass for prescription eyeglasses.Google Glass, the smash hit technology of 2013, currently won’t work for people who need to wear prescription lenses.

The company released a statement today saying that “the Glass design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription. We’re still perfecting the design for prescription frames. Although the frames won’t be ready for the Explorer Edition’s release, hang in there – you can expect to see them later this year.”

Currently, a version of Google Glass is available only to a select few people, many of them developers. They were given access to the Glass Explorer’s Edition for $1,500, and were hand-picked by Google. The search company organized a contest earlier this year, asking entrants to post a brief message on social networks explaining what they would do if given early access to Google Glass.