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Gamer Modifies SimCity for Offline Use

March 14, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 1:08 PM

Offline play mode for SimCity.As the new version of Electronic Arts’ SimCity game continues to come under fire for its need to be tethered to the online service to play, an avid gamer who goes by the name UKAzzer claims to have found a workaround that allows continuous offline gameplay.

UKAzzer posted a video on YouTube (see below), and made comments on Reddit that discuss his success with circumventing the online connection requirements.

“You can edit the highways ANYWHERE – even outside of your city boundary,” he explains, “and even if you quit the game and log back in later, it’s all saved safely on the server.

He was able to disable the disconnection timer in the software, which will kick players out of the game after 20 minutes without a connection to an Electronic Arts server. By bypassing the timer, unlimited offline gameplay is possible.Access to

Access to the region features of SimCity is not possible during offline mode, and if a user wants to save the game, they still need to reconnect, but the successful disabling of the timer shows that a more sophisticated hack may lead a more stable offline mode of play.

Electronic Arts has not responded publicly to the news of this hack.

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