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Twitter Releases Native App for Windows 8 and RT

March 14, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 1:08 AM

Twitter native app available for Windows 8.Yesterday, Twitter announced that there is a native version of their client available for Windows 8 and RT.

The new app, available in the Windows Store, give functionality to the Twitter client that takes advantage of of the tile interface of Windows 8.

Some elements of the app design will be close to the current interface and other Twitter apps, the specially tailored Windows 8 version has some features that are only available on the new Microsoft platform.

With Snap View, Twitter client users can “snap” the application onto the side of the screen and start another application. The app’s size can also be adjusted to one-third of the screen, two-thirds of the screen, or full-screen.

Images are available in landscape view, which allows for a larger version of the photo, and users can swipe across the photos to view multiple images.

With the Share charm, content from any other app is easily sharable on Twitter just by swiping across of the right edge.

Making use of Windows 8’s live tiles features, Twitter has tied notifications into these live tiles, where @ mentions and direct messages will show on the Start screen.

The app is available in 22 different languages.

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