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Attorney Offers Domain Name to Pope Francis

March 16, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 2:57 PM domainChicago lawyer Chris Connors, purchased the domain name in 2010 on a whim. Not until the election of the new Pope earlier this week did he ever realize that something would come of it.

“I thought that at some point in the near future that the names would get more relevant. Nobody names their kids Innocent anymore. And I thought it’d be great if a pope chose Francis after the great saint,” he told the Chicago Tribune.

Many domain speculators took to domain name registrars last week, snapping up pope and Catholic Church related domain names in the hope of being able to sell them off quickly.

In the case of Connors, however, he’s not looking to turn a quick buck. The attorney has offered to transfer the domain over to the Pope or the Vatican free of charge if they want it.

Connors admits that some people have offered him quite a bit of money for the domain, but he wants to “give Pope Francis dibs first,” he explained.

Cardinal George, who represents the Chicago area, called the idea “delightful” – however there has been no statement about the offer on the Vatican’s part.