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Apple iOS 6.1.3 Patch Contains Screen Lock Bypass

March 20, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 5:50 PM

Access to iOS via password bypass.It’s the case of the medicine being worse than the affliction. The new Apple mobile operating system patch, iOS 6.1.3, that was supposed to address issues with the lock screen being easily compromised, instead introduced new ways to bypass the security when the initial problem was fixed.

Now, a new password bypass glitch has been uncovered. Using just a paperclip and good timing, the screen lock password can be bypassed by ejecting the SIM card from its port as the iPhone begins dialing a phone number via Voice Control.

Once the phone application has been unlocked this way, recent call logs, contacts, and voicemail are all wide open, as well as photos and videos (accessed by creating a new contact).

Independent tests have verified that this hack works on the iPhone 4, 4s, and 5. To ensure that your phone is not open to this hack if you have already installed iOS 6.1.3, you’ll need to go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Under Passcode Lock, you can disable Voice Dial on the iPhone 4, or enable Siri (which replaces Voice Control) on the iPhone 4s and above.