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LG Smart Watch Plans

March 23, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 4:17 PM

LG working on smart watch productAnother day, and another technology company throws its hat into the ring in the smart watch competition.

This time, South Korean electronics company LG has announced plans for both a smart watch as well as a Google Glass type wearable computer eyeglass device.

According to the Korea Times, sources at the company say that both technologies are currently under development. While products may be under way, no concrete details have been released about either device.

LG is the fourth company in recent weeks to announce plans for a smart watch device. It joins the ranks of Apple, Google, and Samsung in the race to get a wearable computing device around the wrists of tech savvy users.

While four companies may have announced plans to build smart watches, not a single one of them has any kind of details out, publicly, about their products. Rumors, however, are everywhere.

Apple may have the most concrete plans for their smart watch product at this time. We have seen at least two patent filings dealing with wearable technology from Apple, and several sources agree that a team of hundreds is collaborating on the device.