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Los Angeles Restaurant Outs Reservation No-Shows on Twitter

March 26, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 10:23 PM

Restaurant outs reservation no-shows on Twitter.Red Medicine, a Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles, is turning to Twitter to shame patrons who make a reservation for dinner, and then don’t show up.

The restaurant’s owner told an L.A. dining magazine that he made the decision to out the no-shows after a particularly long string of reservations went unclaimed.

While many restaurants these days shy away from taking reservations, or require a credit card deposit to hold a reservation, Red Medicine’s tactics seem to be a new one in the dining industry. The restaurant uses restaurant reservation service OpenTable to field reservations through its website.

Below – screenshots of Tweets from Red Medicine, directed at diners who skipped out on reservations.

Restaurant outs no-show diners.