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Amazon Instant Video Outage

March 30, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 7:12 PM

Amazon video down Friday nightAmazon’s streaming video service, Amazon Instant Video, suffered from an outage last night, and the company has yet to publicly acknowledge the problem, or explain what went wrong.

This outage is reminiscent of a problem with Netflix’s streaming video service that happened at the end of last year, which was due to a problem with Amazon’s cloud services. Amazon’s cloud provides the backbone and storage systems for Netflix video. During the Netflix outage, Amazon’s streaming video services were still functional.

The video service was down for a good portion of the evening last night. Amazon did send an e-mail to some subscribers, that read:

“We’re sorry for the trouble you had while trying to connect to Amazon Instant Video. If you try again, you should be able to connect without encountering further problems.”

Other than the terse message above, no other details have emerged from Amazon, including information about possible credits for service during the outage.