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Netflix’s “House of Cards” Series Coming to DVD

April 3, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 7:16 PM

House of Cards on DVDThe popular Netflix original series, “House of Cards,” will be released on DVD this summer.

For diehard fans of the series, Amazon is offering release-day reservation and delivery services for the boxed set for most customers in the U.S.

It will retail for $44.69 for the standard DVD set, or $52.99 for Blu-ray.

You may be wondering why anyone would plunk down that much cash when the series is available for Netflix streaming customers at only $8 per month? Well, Netflix doesn’t own the rights to distribute the series outside of its own network, for one. And secondly, while Netflix streaming services are available in a large chunk of North and South America, the U.K., and Europe, they are not available at all in Asia, Africa, Australia, and many southern European countries.