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Adam Orth, Microsoft’s Creative Director, Ticks Off the Internet

April 5, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 12:51 AM

Microsoft's Adam Orth makes unpopular Tweets.The creative head of Microsoft’s gaming business, Adam Orth, managed to anger a large swath of the Internet late yesterday evening with comments he made about the nature of always-on Internet connections and gaming consoles.

Orth made a series of comments on his Twitter account about not understanding why the gaming community was upset regarding the growing trend of games and gaming consoles that require a constant Internet connection to function. Recent examples like the issues that the new SimCity game encountered show a strong example of the problems gamers have with Internet-connected games.

In his role at Microsoft, Orth is the Creative Director and Designer at Microsoft Studios. He has held the position since February 2012, according to his LinkedIn profile.

His Twitter comments were captured in a screenshot and posted to Reddit, where they quickly climbed to the number one slot on the front page of the site. Redditors, in general, were unhappy with Orth’s view on always-on gaming systems, and many believed that his remarks on Twitter were insensitive to the gaming community. Some Redditors also think that Orth’s comments foretell the nature of Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console, the Xbox 720.

Although Orth has switched his Twitter account to private in the wake of the backlash against him, a number of his Tweets are shown below, from before his account became blocked.

Adam Orth Microsoft Tweets