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Redditors Accuse HootSuite of Hiring Illegal Unpaid Interns

April 6, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 4:11 PM

HootSuite hiring illegal interns?Redditors in the /r/vancouver subreddit have started a thread alleging that social media management company HootSuite has been hiring interns for unpaid positions, a violation of British Columbia law.

The thread, started yesterday, outlines a number of intern positions posted on HootSuite’s website, and also points to sections of Canadian law that clarifies what an intern position is, and how interns need to be compensated to stay on the right side of the law.

Text that had appeared on the HootSuite positions stated, “please note that HootSuite’s Internship program asks for a commitment of 3 months, Monday to Friday with core hours of 9am-5pm and that the role is unpaid.” The company has since removed this designation from the internship postings on its site.

HootSuite responded to inquires about its practices on Facebook. A screenshot of their response is below:

HootSuite labor response.